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Immersion, Narrative, and Gender Crisis in Survival Horror Video Games. London and New York: Routledge, 2021. ISBN: 9780367894115, 236 pages.

Articles and chapters

“From Male to Colonial Gaze: The Intersection of Patriarchy and Colonial Discourse in the Rebooted Tomb Raider Video Game Series.” Video Games and Spatiality in American Studies. ed. Dietmar Meinel. Boston and Berlin: De Gruyter, 2022. ISBN: 978-3-11-067510-8. (accepted for publication)  

 “Can Artificial Humans Go to Heaven? Transhumanist Salvation in Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Hitman Series.” Religious Narratives in Contemporary Culture: Between Cultural Memory and Transmediality. eds. Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, Dragoş Manea. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2021.

Conference participation

Date19.09.2021 (online participation)
WorkshopVideo Games at the Intersection of Postcolonialism, Postcommunism, and Globalisation
Organizer“Colonial Discourse in Video Games” postdoctoral research project via the Center for American Studies, University of Bucharest
PaperColonial Perpetuation in the Silent Hill Series
Summer schoolEcologies of Emancipation
PaperVideo Games as Simulators of Cultural Identities: the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Class in the Context of the Climate Crisis
Date03-05.06.2021 (online participation)
ConferenceThe 22nd Annual International Conference of the English Department, University of Bucharest – “Re-Writing/Re-Imagining the Past
OrganizerThe English Department, University of Bucharest
PaperGameplay and the Colonisation of the Past in Fatal Frame
Date03-06.06.2021 (online participation)
Conference“The art itself is nature”: Shakespeare’s Nature, Art, Politics, ESRA Virtual Conference 2021
OrganizerEuropean Shakespeare Research Association
PaperSurvival Horror and Colonialism: the Role of Caliban in Silent Hill: Origins